The topic of pollution, the great problem of this millennium, concerns everyone, which is why as an artist I could not avoid dealing with such an important issue with continuous commitment.

The collateral damage that is continuously created by the continuous dissemination of space junk such as orbital debris, fragments of electronic circuits, steel, titanium, decommissioned rockets and satellites, inspires my works and research.

Scientific data on space pollution tell us unequivocally that a space flight emits one hundred times more CO2 into the atmosphere than a normal scheduled flight.

Man's tentacles have extended to Mars, trying to terra-form it. I created “MARTIAN CONTAMINATIONS” as spatial contamination. Colorful shapes apparently harmless, spreading infection throughout the Earth.

This sculpture is made with polyethylene-based plastic material, EVA sheets, rubbery, soft and light.

 cm. 70 x 70 x 80